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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Self Examination: Why, When & How? “Early Detection, Saves Lives” Why? Breast cancer is the most known cancer to be diagnosed in women. As women it is important that we self examine our breasts, because our bodies are changing all the time and that includes our breasts. By checking your breasts regularly you […]



Worry met disappointment,And introduced me to patience.The wait was long butI checked my heart,It was still beating. I woke up,Looked outside,Everything looked the sameBut I can change that. Today I woke up on the rightSide instead of the left. Showered with cold waterInstead of hot.Did I like it?NoWould I do it again?Yes Check my heart,that’s […]

Back to school must-haves

5 Back To School Must-haves (Backpack Edition)

School is back in session. I’m going to share with you a few back to school must-haves, I always have in my school bag that are very beneficial and efficient for my school day. 5 Back To School Must-haves #1 Insulated Water Bottle Having a water bottle is a must, but having an insulated water […]