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When you ask,I say I’m okay.If I show anything less, You cast your fears onto meYour worries about me.  A mirror will never trust me, Why? Because it sees me everyday. If it could speak, It would question why, Every time I go to itI Fix my hair,Do my makeup, Brush my teeth,And smile. The night […]

Shopping discounts

Shopping Discounts and Offers For Students

As a student many of the stores/brands you shop at have many discounts which allow you to save money. I’m going to share with you two free websites that you can join as a student, that offers countless discounts and great deals on some of your favorite stores. Save Money Shopping As a Student Student Beans […]

A letter from me to me

A letter From Me To Me

I fear you will see meThe way I see myself.Satisfaction is pleasant, But disappointment is inevitable. I want more but then, I always give myself less.I give more but receive less, I’m afraid I’m now empty handedWith nothing more to give,Even to myself. One day I’ll like to meet you,But would I love you forever?Satisfaction […]