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A Cover and its pages

A Cover and It’s Pages

They say don’t judge a bookBy its cover. But without it,How do we know whose Story it is? Our cover is our shield,And without it.We are just pages,Delicate —and weak. Preserve your cover, One tear and you’re fragile.  An author gets to createWhat their cover looks like. Let those who are invested,Open your book.Don’t explain it,No one likes a spoiled […]

Clean out your closet

Clean Out Your Closet with ThredUP

Do you find it difficult to clean out your closet? ThredUP is a reliable and easy way to get rid of unwanted/old clothes. It allows you to sell your clothes, earn money; and donate your clothes to your chosen charity. How It Works Order a clean out kit , (a donation kit or sell kit) […]



When you ask,I say I’m okay.If I show anything less, You cast your fears onto meYour worries about me.  A mirror will never trust me, Why? Because it sees me everyday. If it could speak, It would question why, Every time I go to it,I Fix my hairBrush my teeth,And smile. The night before,It heard me […]