Sensitive Skin? Do’s & Don’ts

Skincare can be a battle when your fighting sensitive skin. I personally struggle with sensitive skin and it can be very tiring mainly because any minor changes or mistakes related to my skin equals consequences.

I’m going to exchange a few tips I’ve learnt living with delicate skin, and their benefits.

Don’t Change Moisturizer Often

I learnt this one the hard way. I used to always change my daily moisturizer, so my skincare was never consistent which would cause breakouts.

This is also the same for skin treatments always remember, whenever you tryout a new facial cream your skin will get worse before it gets better.
The main thing to learn is patience. It doesn’t happen overnight.

Always have a travel bag with your Skincare products

If you know you’re going to be out for a long period of time it’s important to carry travel size versions of your products such as moisturizer and cleanser.

This will prevent you from using someone else’s products, using other people’s products on sensitive skin is risky because it can cause breakouts because what works for other’s skin might not be the best for you.

Avoid Touching Your Face

We hear this many times but it is very important, especially for those who struggle with sensitive skin. Our hands carry about 1,500 living bacteria, and that’s is because 99% of the activities we do during the day involve our hands.

I used to have a habit of touching my face often whilst in school, mostly because I spent half my time daydreaming or just bored.
Speaking from someone who has sensitive skin I notice that the areas of my face I would frequently touch is where I would get breakouts.

Know Your Skin Type

Although I have sensitive skin I also have combination skin, meaning there’s some parts of my face that are oily and dry.

My T-zone (forehand and nose area) is quite oily and I rarely get spots around that area. The part of my face that I struggle with is my cheeks, and because this is the dryer parts of my face I know it needs to be more moisturized more than my T-zone area and vice versa.

It is important to know your skin type because it makes it easier to find the right products for your skin, and it helps you figure out the parts of your face that need more attention.

Rinse off facial cleanser properly

Like mentioned on my blog post ‘ Tips To Treat Your Skin’, although your facial cleanser is there to help you cleanse your face, get rid of germs, and bacteria from your face. It is important to rinse it off your face properly, especially those with sensitive skin because the chemicals can also be harmful for your skin if left on skin for a long period of time.

Try finding a facial cleanser that’s fit for sensitive skin. ‘The Lift & Firm Daily gel Cleanser’ by SKINLAB is quite favorable and gentle on sensitive skin.

SKIN LAB BY BSL Lift & Firm Daily Gel Cleanser- Remove Impurities Trapped with Extra Burst of Vitamin E 5Fl. Oz.(150 ML)

Don’t rush through your cleansing routine

Take your time when cleansing your face and the frequent mistake most people do when cleansing here face is they put on too much cleanser or cleaning face more than twice a day.

You are over-cleansing your face which could dry out your face but also not good for your skin because your getting rid of your natural oils.

Most importantly wash your face with clean hands.

Clean Your Pillowcase Often

It is crucial to wash your pillow case, your face is on it for an average of 8 hours. At night we shed dead skin cells, sometimes we drool etc. Our Pillow cases are accumulating dirt often , so whenever you’re planning to do your laundry. advise to always wash your pillow cases also.

Silk pillow cases

Get yourself some silk pillows, they are very beneficial to your skin compared to cotton pillow cases. Check out Tips To Treat Your Skin to read about the benefits.

Amazon has some good quality, affordable silk pillow cases. Check them out


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