Your Body, Your Mind } Collection 1

“Whose opinion matters?”

“Don’t let anyone choose the boundaries of your body, what matters is the beauty you see.” We all have insecurities however, once you find beauty in yourself validation from others doesn’t matter.

Sometimes we are so focused on our insecurities (physical/mental), that we start to direct it onto what people think allowing our flaws to dominate our beauty.

Growing up I’ve had so much insecurities too much to count , that I was dependent on compliments from others. A few times we enable people to deride what we see as flaws.; and we do this through our responses to negative comments.

“To all the people that saw beauty when I didn’t…”

When I was younger I would use the compliments I was getting as a way of getting rid of negative comments, although it may sound like the right thing to do, this is the worst thing you could do.

I noticed that I would obsess over compliments.

For example:

If someone gave me a nice compliment, I would feel euphoric.

But on the other hand…

If someone would put me down by saying one small bad thing, I would feel dejected. This is an unhealthy mindset because I relied on compliments to weigh down the negatives. Regardless in any case no matter how many compliments I would get, that one negative comment would always triumph.

“The Stimulant & Depressant Effect”

The way I would describe this approach, would be like an adrenaline rush; it’s the same feeling you get after drinking alcohol or caffeine etc.“The feeling eventually wears off.”You end up feeling worse later in the day or the next day.

Do you have solace from yourself?

It is important to love yourself first before caring about what others think about you. How you feel about yourself always comes first. When one has a strong positive opinion about oneself they don’t go looking for comfort or console on how they should appear to others.

Accept that cheerleaders are only reliable in games and you don’t need the opinions of others to bring yourself up, all you need is you.


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