Your Body, Your Mind } Collection 2

Let’s get Physical…

“If you couldn’t find beauty the first time, it’s because you wasn’t looking. Look Again!”

We find Physical insecurities all the time. Why? Because we are with ourselves 24/7! We see insignificant flaws in the people we love the most all the time but we never stop loving them. Yes they can be annoying, vexing or tiresome but we still tolerate them because we love them.

So what’s stopping you from loving yourself?

Learn to focus on the things you find beautiful about yourself and own it. When you always target what you see as the ‘bad parts’ you become blind to your beauty.

Change Your Mindset

If someone was to ask you, what part about of physical appearance is your favourite , what would say?

The answer to that question should never be the same every single time, if you do tend to repeat the same answer every time you are asked that question, say it but add something new because the list containing the beauty of our appearance should be endless.

As a woman my body will never be the same , it’s always changing. Most of the time whilst I’m mentally starting to accept a physical insecurity that I have, I find myself finding a new one, all the time! Despite that, every time I find a new insecurity now, I make sure I also find something new that I love about myself because I never want to neglect the rest of my body because of a new fragility.

Own It

Don’t let anyone tell you that loving yourself means you’re vain or arrogant. It means that you know you’re not perfect but you still own it. It’s never easy to embrace or change something about ourselves that we don’t like but it takes time. It doesn’t just happen.

But what you’ll learn as you start loving yourself is that you radiate:

  • Confidence
  • Self-assurance
  • Authenticity
  • Charm
  • Beauty 


“I reckon every good idea was modern once, until it wasn’t”

The sad reality is that the media and society do play a big part in what is seen as the “ideal body/look” which most of the time then becomes a trend. This has been happening for centuries where beauty is defined mostly by society and it then leads us into wanting to look a certain way or finding something we don’t like about ourselves because of it.

However what you learn as you start loving yourself is, you also start to embrace your insecurities. I would say my biggest flex was accepting my stretch marks before it became a ‘trend’. What’s yours?

Don’t be a model of society. “Your body, your rules. Do not let society fuck you up!”


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