A Simple Way To Clean Out Your Closet

Do you still have clothes that you’ve had for a long time and want to get rid off but have no clue on how to? ThredUP is a reliable way and easy way to get rid of unwanted clothes. It allows you to sell your clothes, earn money; and donate your clothes to charity.

How Does ThredUP work?

  1. Order a clean out kit, (a donation kit or sell kit) it’s for free with no shipping cost.
  2. Choose to have a free shipping label sent to your email or a bag to put your clothes in.
  3. If you choose the bag it comes through the mail with a prepaid shipping label.
  4. Once you’ve filled the bag with your clothing,
  5. Drop the bag off/ mail to your shipping carrier for it to be inspected.
  6. Then you’re done.

What you need to know when Selling clothes:

  • Clothes have to be of good quality.
  • Clothes have to still have brand labels.
  • Clothes have to be less than 5 Years old.
  • The kit comes with a guide on how to make sure your clothes are in excellent quality such as how to remove different types of stains.
  • Get rid of lint on materials that tend to collect lint such as sweaters.
  • They don’t take formal gowns only tops, shoes, jeans, outerwear and activewear.
  • You will receive a payout for the selling kit if clothes are accepted.

What you need to know when donating clothes:

  • Make sure your clothes are good quality.
  • No missing labels
  • You get to choose what charity you want to support.
  • ThredUP donates money to the charity you choose to support
  • You won’t receive payout for the donation kit.
  • Not over 5 years old
  • You can donate formal gowns

Benefits of using ThredUP

Last Year they saved:

  • 10 billion gallons of water.
  • 128 Million pounds of CO2, which equals 8,111 households’ yearly electricity use.
  • You can also donate through ThredUP to help support charities
  • thredUP.com/donate
  • You can thrift at their store and get some of the best brands at a cheaper price. Check out their website, Use my link for $10 off when shopping.



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