Winter Scented Candles

Chesapeake Bay Candle, White Citron

Chesapeake Bay Candle Collection Three-Wick Scented Candle, Mercury Glass, White Citron

A three wick candle, which smells amazing, and a great home decor. The candle cup is a mercury glass and it is a beautiful design that suits its name.

Free People, Winterberry, Gooseberry & Fig leaf

Free People, Winterberry

This is a small candle but it has such a great fragrance that it can fill up a large room, the packaging it comes in is wonderful if you were to gift it to someone.

DW Home, The Sutton Lodge, Fraser Fir

DW Home The Sutton Lodge Collection Fraser Fir Scented Large Wood Wick Candle

This candle caught my attention from its look, it has an authentic look; and a wooden wick that makes a crackling noise when lit, which reminds me of the sound of a lit bonfire. It is a great winter home decor, and it also has a nice fragrance.

I bought this candle in-store at Marshalls and it is quite hard to find online but I’ve put the link for Amazon.

SAND + FOG, Winter Pine

Sand and Fog Winter Pine Scented Candle with Wooden Lid

I love SAND + FOG candles because they always come with unique looks, the winter pine fragrance can fill up a room within minutes, it has a strong but delicate smell. When lit with other scents such as fall scents, it blends in nicely and creates a great contrast .

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