The Museum featuring “Winter Nights” by the Moon {Poet Analysis}

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The Reality Of The Poem

The location is set outside my window on a winter night. I notice that I can now see the night sky and the moon now that the leaves on the trees have fallen.

The Imagination of the Poem

A Museum is hosting an event displaying the works by the moon; ( who represents a famous artist/ sculptor). Her works that are being displayed are inspired by the theme ‘winter nights’ and only she can shine light on her displays.

Poem Analysis

“All those endless nights I had hoped to see the stars”

The stars also represent the VIPS, within the fantasy of the poem this includes the moon.

“As she comes out, the clouds near her they circle her, never touching her, she stops as they all gather around her in awe, thanking her for bringing such light to such a dark night.”

The moon is a famous artist/ sculptor known for bringing light in her works, she is admired by so many. As she comes out to introduce her work she is followed and interviewed by “the clouds” being those that she inspires.

“Hypnotized, I take myself further towards it taking steps closer to the glass to get a better view”

The moon was easier to see from a distance but in order to see the rare colour of the night sky I have to take steps closer to “the glass”; which represents my window to get a better view. The glass in the fantasy represents the glass display box you see in museums that protect something as precious as an expensive diamond necklace.

“But I am startled by the trees, who stand guard protecting a night sky so beautiful with one of the rarest shades of blue.”

The trees represent the security that guards the expensive sculptors in the museum. They guard the “night sky” because it is rare and precious, the “night sky” represents a necklace enclosed in a museum display case.


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