Picture This: Plant Care Guide

I found this app called ‘PictureThis’, it allows you to identify plants. All you need to do is take a picture, and it then identifies the plant and it’s needs.

If you’re at a store or outside and you see a plant that catches your eye, the app will help you find what type of plant it is. It will then present you with the name of the plant, and all the knowledge you need to know about that plant instantly!

It has a free and premium option, the free option still provides you with a great deal of helpful information that you need to help take care of your plant. It also has a simple and organized setup that allows you to browse through the app swiftly.

I will be sharing with you the features of the app I love the most, using an example from a flower I bought recently.

1. Identify the plant

First you identify the plant by taking a picture of it through the app.

2. Plant is identified

It will then tell you the type of plant it is, where it is typically found and its general description.

3.Informs you about the plant

The first information you see is facts about the plant, such where it is normally found, where it is normally bought; and whether it’s an interior or an outside plant.

4. Plant Care Guide

The plant Care guide provides helpful information on how your plant should be watered and how often. Also recommended pots to put your plant in, and what seasons they are normally planted etc.

5. Plant Uses

It shares information on the benefits of the plant and its gardening use, for example for my plant “Flaming Katy”, it helps with better air quality. The gardening use section provides information on where it can be placed in homes and other locations.

6. Conditions Requirement

The condition Requirement section gives you a rating on how difficult it is to take care of the particular plant, how much sun it needs, ideal temperatures, and soil condition.

7. Interesting facts, symbolism & Characteristics

It gives you extra facts you may find fascinating, and also if you’re quite superstitious it give you the meanings behind the plant; for example my plant’s symbolism is “longevity & health”. Lastly Characteristics such what time of the year you would see the type of plant or what type of plant is etc.

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