I Feel Pretty

“Change Everything, without Changing Anything.”

I recently came across this movie called ‘I Feel Pretty’ and it features Amy Schumer as the main character.

This movie is such a great movie, a quick overview; it’s about a young woman who wishes to be beautiful because she doesn’t feel beautiful because she compares herself to other women a lot & society’s rules.

She then gets injured and wakes up and she still looks the same but in her eyes she looks the best she could ever look.

“You know who you are and you don’t really care how the world sees you.”

Watching this movie just shows that you should love yourself regardless of the opinion of others.

In the beginning of the movie it focuses on ignoring perspectives from others, and if you are confident in your looks, no matter what anyone says you are 100% sure about yourself. You don’t need validation from others to know you’re beautiful.

However, the more you watch, it also focus on pride and how it comes in so many forms, pride is not only an obsession because you look good, and feel above other but also vice versa. You can also be prideful when all you pay attention to, is the negatives of your looks and always questioning if you look good etc.

I think you should watch this movie if you feel yourself feeling down over insecurities and your looks. It teaches such a great lesson; and the more you watch it teaches the difference between self-love and pride. Watch it!


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