Unusual Life Hacks That You Need To Try That Work

It’s very hard to find unusual life hacks that really work. When you do they can be a very reliable and helpful addition in your daily life. I’m going to be sharing a few of these unusual life hacks I’ve tried myself that worked; and are a very beneficial, useful in my day-to-day.

Grow Your Own Lettuce

I saw this hack online to grow your own lettuce using the end of romaine lettuce to grow your new lettuce. You put the head of the lettuce in a cup and cover it small amount of water that covers the head. To create a healthy growing environment for the lettuce follow the picture above. ( make sure to add holes at the bottom of the cup).

I tried this myself and after about two weeks I’ve noticed growth. I experimented with the end of the lettuce and with some leaves still on. The pictures above are after the two weeks and both have been growing.

Jean Replacement Buttons

I recently came across this hack, it helps those who struggle with loose jeans around the waist. I’ve always had this problem. Amazon has a solution for this all you need is replacement button pins.

These replacement buttons you can get are very affordable and very easy to use. There’s no need for the extra hassle of sewing them into jeans. The buttons are pins that you can attach wherever on the jeans, and it helps make the jeans a perfect fit.

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Shaving Cream As A Stain Remover

Shaving cream is very effective when it comes to removing stains. If you have an urgent stain and you don’t have hydrogen peroxide at hand. Shaving cream is very reliable at helping to get rid of stains.

I’ve used shaving cream to get rid of makeup on my clothes. I also used it to get rid of period stains and it has shown itself to be quite impressive.

Measuring Rice Water With Index Finger

Measuring rice water can sometimes be very trying because you never know what the right rice to water ratio is.

This life hack is very simple. All you need to do after washing your rice is pour enough water to cover your rice. Then using your index finger, measure the water by sticking your finger in the rice until it touches the bottom of the pot. Make sure the water reaches the first line/knuckle on your finger. Once you’ve done that, the water is enough.

The best thing about this hack is that the no matter how much rice you use; it will always work and once your rice is done it will come out fluffy and just right.

Glass Of Water To Help Renew Leftover Pizza

Have you ever had leftover pizza that didn’t quite taste as good as the day before?

Put a glass of water into the microwave next to your pizza when reheating it. It helps it from overcooking because the water absorbs extra microwave radiation and it will help release steam. Your pizza will come out replenished and not dried out.

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