Man’s Best Friend

I’m there even when you don’t need me
It’s always me and you,
Even when you try to get rid of me
I’m always there.
I may disturb you at night,
But I try to be there with you
Especially throughout your loneliest times.
I’ve always seen you at your weakest
The tears, fears and worries
I’ve seen it all.
You might not see it but
I am your best friend
What am I to you?

I try to get rid of you
Because you add more pain.
At night you cloud my mind
With loud thoughts,
That even the most peaceful nights
Are the most restless.
You always see me at my weakest
Because you cause my weakness.
The tears
The fears
The worries
Are what you created.
I know you may not see it,
But to me you’re my worst enemy.

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