7 Self-Care Ideas To Help Improve Your Mood

Self-care ideas

It can be very hard to motivate or persuade ourselves to feel better when we are feeling down. However as the law of attraction states; the thoughts the we hold will eventually happen. So therefore if you dwell on the negative, you will attract unfavorable thoughts and stay under a destructive cloud. On the other hand if you focus on the positive that it was you’ll attract. Affirmative thoughts, goals and achievements. I am going to share with you self-care ideas you can try; to help improve your mood.


Most people find exercise daunting, but as the famous Elle Woods says “exercise releases endorphins, endorphins make you happy”. Endorphins are chemicals in the body that help to relive pain and stress. If you’re not a fan of exercise there are so many different types you can try. For example yoga which is much more tranquil and one of its aims is to reduce stress.

When you do exercise it doesn’t have to be intense. There are many exercises you can try online, some of them are short and not as intense that you can do daily every morning, to help boost your mood.

Get a Journal

Sometimes our mind can be clouded with so many thoughts, that’s why in order to clear our mind we need to write them down. You don’t have to journal everyday, but if you find yourself getting stressed out by your thoughts it’s better if you write them down. It doesn’t solve the issue but it frees the mind from repeatedly thinking about it. So whether it’s late at night or early in the morning, whatever time of day always drop down the thoughts you feel are troubling you.

You can also write down your happy thoughts, because this can help motivate you on the days when you feel down. Your Journal doesn’t have to be a physical book, you can only use your phone. There are many journal apps you can use or just the simple notes app. There is no rules on how to write down journals.

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Take Time off social media

We don’t realize this, but most of us are unaware that we are addicted to our phones, especially social media. So it can be hard for most, to take time off social media. Social media although it can be helpful it is also the most toxic thing of our era. It is one of the things that consumes most of our day. It can be hard to get rid off social media completely, so you should ease into it until you’re not dependent on it.

If You have an iPhone, go to your settings then screen times. On screen times they have things such as app limits which allows you to set daily time limits on apps you tend to use the most. What you’ll find is that once you start using social media less, you start to understand that it occupies most of your day and spare time. Which is why you should find new hobbies that you’ll love , to help distract and entertain you throughout the times you’ll mostly spend on social media.

Watch Documentaries

I know this sounds odd but if you normally don’t watch documentaries, this is perfect for you. If you find yourself getting bored because you’re always watching shows or movies and have nothing else to watch. Why not stimulate and entertain your mind at the same time?

You’ll be surprised how interesting documentaries really are, there are so many different types you can watch. I recommend when trying to improve your mood to watch more light-hearted documentaries such as animal documentaries rather than crime documentaries. You learn a lot from documentaries and you’ll find yourself captured and immersed.

Read a fiction book

Reading may not be your thing, but there are so many fascinating fiction books out there for everyone. Fiction books will help to transform you into a different world. It is easier nowadays to find a book that may be to our liking because of the internet. Also if you physically can’t get yourself to read, listen to audiobooks instead.

Find a fiction book under a genre you love, and read the book description to see if you’ll like the story. If you don’t, there are so many others you can try. If you find yourself loving that book, you will find that you will be absorbed in your book. Once you’ve successfully finished the book, you’ll want to read more books.

Listen to a podcast

Podcasts are becoming very popular, there are so many intellectual, entertaining, and engaging podcasts that you can listen to. Find a podcast on YouTube, Spotify or any other platform that you’ll find yourself nodding your head to. Podcasts are great because you get to hear the opinions of others and decide if you agree or disagree. It helps you to think , relate or debate.

There are so many different genres of podcasts out there some make you laugh, others give your brain power to think; stimulating your mind. If you haven’t tried listening to podcasts I recommend finding one to your liking.

Take a soothing bath

If you can, take a bath. It may be a cliche because it’s said most of the times. Despite that they really do help to relax your body. You can never know what works for you until you try it. Be self serving and buy a nice bath bomb or multiple bubble bath products and try them out. There are so many different bath products and scents that will help calm your mind and body.

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