The Principle of Lagom: 3 ways to live a perfectly balanced Life

Recently I came across the term principle of Lagom. To put this in a few words every morning, I’m given a new word by word genius through my email. I come across new words; some I would never encounter.

I don’t remember all the new words I’ve learnt, but some do stick in my head and it’s great to have an open bank of words stored in my brain. The word ‘Lagom’ intrigued me because there’s so much interesting concepts that come with it.

Principle of Lagom

The word ‘Lagom’ is a Norwegian and Swedish word meaning “just the right amount”. The term ‘principle of lagom’ in a nutshell means living a balanced life. What intrigued me when reading about it, was the fact that I always wanted a word/ term that perfectly describes the type of life I am practicing that I want to ultimately live.

To live a a balanced life is to do things that needs to be done, but also taking time for yourself and doing the things you also enjoy. You have to appreciate your surroundings and life more, find the things that make you happy. To accomplish this you need to care for your body and mind and sought out what makes you happy. In relation to getting things done, remember there’s some things that need to get done in order to pace with life and meet with your self needs and well being.

3 Ways To Live by the Principle of Lagom

1. Patience

In everything we do it’s important to apply patience. With patience comes quality and worth; it is one of the things humans find hard to apply by. When we practice patience, it helps to control our emotions, fears and worries. It paces our lives. What I’ve learnt when it comes to patience is that when we rush things, we miss out on the things that could have been and great opportunities.

There are many different concepts of patience. The more patience we have, the more time we have for other things. An Example is, waiting for some kind of news but becoming impatient, find something else to get your mind of it. Another example is, rushing through something that needs to get done..Take a break and then go back to it. Quality is important in anything we do.

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2. Embrace Your Surroundings

To embrace your surroundings find the things you find beautiful around you or create a surrounding that you will love. If you find it hard to embrace your surroundings, no matter where you are, look around and find something you love to look at everyday. Add or change something in your surroundings that brings helps to bring tranquility.

One way I’ve learnt to embrace what’s around me is by getting rid of most of the things I don’t need, or use anymore to help create space. An example is after I thoroughly cleaned out my closet, the results bought serenity and joy. I realized less is more, and it created space for change. Another concept is to learn to live in the present because you can’t change the past or know the future. Make the most of what’s around you. It’s better to have great memories than regrets.

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3. Do The Things You Love To Do (Unapologetically)

To survive as humans, we will always have things we need to do that are not optional. However to live a balanced life we need something to escape to. Find the things you enjoy doing. It’s important to explore enjoy some of things life brings to find what we enjoy or else we will be stuck in a repetitive cycle. You only have one life so make the most of it.

Doing the things we love counts as self-care because it brings in endorphins, and endorphins makes us happy. It’s essential to take a break. Like Marthe Troly-Curtis said “Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” Don’t let anything or anyone prioritize your life, your mental health is also a priority and it is just as important. Taking time for yourself should never be something you should apologize for. What others think of you is none of your business.

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