6 healthy eating habits to add to your diet to help benefit your well-being

Healthy eating habits

You may have a diet that you are committed to, or you simply want healthier eating habits. I am going to share with you a few healthy eating habits and changes that you can apply to your daily eating routine. These habits will help bring benefits to your body and also your body goals.

6 Eating Habits To Add To Your Diet

1. Use a smaller plate/bowl

When you’re getting ready to eat instead of using a big bowl or plate use a smaller size. This will help limit the portion size you’re eating. Most of the time we try to fill the space in the bowl/plate with as much food as we can. So when you practice using smaller plates, you eat less food than you’re supposed to. We are unaware of this; but most of the serving portions we consume on a daily is normally bigger than the recommended nutrional size.

You can watch this video on YouTube on why portion size matters

2. Eat less, Snack More

This one is very beneficial. Instead of eating on big meals throughout the day, snack more. Firstly you have to make sure you replace your unhealthy snacks with healthy snacks. When you do this, it stops you from eating unnecessary junk that won’t benefit the body. Secondly the more you snack, the less food portion you eat throughout the day; therefore stopping you from overeating.

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3. Replace fizzy drinks with juices & smoothies

If you have a habit of storing sodas and carbonated drinks. Replace them with healthier options such as smoothies or juices that are made from natural fruit. If you don’t have time to cut up fresh fruit you could also buy frozen mixed fruit and make a simple smoothie recipes.

Check out my fruit smoothie recipe. It’s very quick and simple.

4. Eat slower

Many times when we’re eating, we would rush whilst eating our food without realizing that we are doing it. When you eat try eating slower, because it allows your body to digest the food better and you also feel fuller. Have you ever felt hungry after eating a full meal and went for more? That’s because our brain takes approximately twenty minutes to realize that we are full. So when you eat slower it enables you to pace with your body, so then after you’ve eaten you will feel more satisfied.

5. Add vegetables to your meal

Start adding vegetables to your everyday meal. Vegetables provide many nutrients to our body. When you make your meals add at least 1 cup of raw vegetables so you can benefit from its nutrients. In the frozen section of grocery stores they have a variety of mixed vegetables that you can add to your meals; it saves you the time from chopping and preparing them.

6. Cut down on red meat

If your someone who loves meat but doesn’t want to cut it out as a whole. Try cutting down on red meat, because it adds many disadvantages to the body. There’s been scientific evidence that red meat can cause many health issues such cancer, heart disease, diabetics etc. There are many other healthier alternatives for red meat such as beans, chicken, turkey, fish, nuts. These alternatives are more healthier proteins.

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