VPN: What Is It & Is It Worth It?

VPN Service

Since I discovered VPN, it has changed my life. When I moved from England the tv shows I used to watch, you can’t watch outside of the U.K.

I tried everything to watch my old tv shows but I was unsuccessful. I even went to the extreme of changing the location on my iPhone thinking it would work. Then finally after some research I came across a VPN service. At first I was confused at what it was, but then I went ahead and tried the free trial that Tunnelbear VPN was offering at the time because I had nothing to lose. It worked and it was such a relief after searching endlessly.

When I first started using a VPN…

It wasn’t as popular or promoted as much. What amazed me when I first started using it, was when I went on streaming services such as Netflix. It blew my mind how my different shows and movies I could watch in other countries that weren’t available in the U.S. I wondered why this new knowledge that I had acquired wasn’t being shared by those who knew.

Recently many youtubers and influencers have been promoting VPN services; and I honestly support it.

I’ve also learnt that…

If your device is always connected to WiFi it is exposed and vulnerable. So when you use a VPN it protects your internet, privacy, and against scammers. If you would also like to watch new/more shows and movies from other countries on Netflix, Prime Video, Disney + etc… I highly recommend getting a VPN, there are so many countries you can choose from. Also I heard through the grapevine that if you use a VPN whilst booking a flight, you find cheaper flights!

I am currently using NordVPN and it is a great VPN service and very easy to use. I also recommend ExpressVPN and Tunnelbear as these are the ones that I’ve tried before, that work and are really good.

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