7 Blogging Mistakes I’ve Made since I started Writing blog Posts

Blogging Mistakes

When you stay dedicated to blogging you begin to learn and grow as you continue your journey. I am going to share with you some of the bad habits and mistakes I’ve made whilst blogging since I started blogging; and what I learnt when I finally recognized my mistakes.

7 Mistakes I’ve Made Whilst Blogging

#1 Not Proofreading

Since I was young this has been a bad habit of mine. After I would finish writing anything I would never proofread it, because I was so relieved that it was finally done. However this conflicts with my character because I love everything I do to be the way I envisioned it. So when it comes to making blog posts, I would read them after I’ve published them, then find a missing word or punctuation that would ruin the whole effect of a sentence.

Now I make sure to always proofread my final drafts or anytime I change something within my post before publishing. Every time I proofread I always find big mistakes and it also helps to improve the quality of my post because I would add better vocabulary.

#2 Waiting Till The End To Add Valuable Points

A blog post is not a book, I realized that I have this habit of writing my most valuable points last. What I’ve learnt is to keep my audience engaged, I have to write the most relevant and useful points first. I now understand that I don’t have to wait till the end to make my most beneficial point.

On the other hand I’m not saying that not everything I write in my blog post is not worth reading… There’s just some points that are more helpful and useful to an audience. So as they read it they would want to read more to find new information.

#3 Writing a Topic I’m Not Passionate About

This is really important. To keep yourself inspired, write about the things you love. It can be tempting to follow blogging trends or categories. I think it’s important you stick to your niche and find ways to create quality content. I’ve noticed that every time I try to write about a topic that is not within my interest or I don’t have much knowledge of; it can be draining.

Since I started blogging it has been something I’ve done because I love doing it. It is significant to create content that is to your liking because it keeps you prompted and driven, and you create quality content.

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#4 Not Planning Ahead

This is a big one! Whenever I would get a new idea for my blog post… I would never have a routine when planning to write it. It would be a thing where I would go straight to my draft online and start writing on the spot with no plan. It’s important to find a planning routine that works for you.

I discovered that when I plan ahead, I come with more great ideas. Now, I would make sure to to write down my different points for every blog idea I come up with. Then I would write a brief draft down on paper. This has helped me work more smoothly and saves time with every post I write.

#5 Always Using My Own Images

When I first started blogging I knew the number one rule was to have original content. So when it came to my featured images I would always make sure that I took my own pictures. It was very time consuming because I had to make sure the images I took looked professional.

That was until I discovered stock images. Stock images are free images you can use without getting plagiarized. They are great because they are of good quality and they look very professional. There is also a wide range of pictures to choose from for any topic. I mostly use stock photos now because it saves me so many time; and panic from not knowing how to create an image related to some topics.

Some of the apps I use to get my images are Unsplash, Pexels and Pixabay.

#6 Not Dropping Down Blog Ideas

I always come up with my best ideas late at night because it is when I’m most reflective. I used to do this thing where I would come up with brilliant new ideas for a new blog post before going to bed. However I would be too lazy to write them down so I would go to bed expecting to remember my ideas in the morning. That wasn’t the case because when I would wake up in the morning, I would ponder for hours trying to figure out what my ideas were.

Now I make sure to instantly write down any idea that pops in my head at night, on my phone or my notes. It has been very convenient because now when I wake up it’s such a relief knowing I’ve written my different points down.

#7 Writing When I’m Unmotivated

Sometimes I would feel deflated and unmotivated, and I would force myself to write a blog post. I love blogging and writing new posts but I’ve also learnt that I should also take mental breaks. I’ve learnt that It’s okay to take breaks when writing a blog post because when I write whilst unmotivated my mind is somewhere else and it can impact the quality of my post. So I make certain to take breaks and when I’m in a better mood I go back to writing.

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2 thoughts on “7 Blogging Mistakes I’ve Made since I started Writing blog Posts

  1. Oh yeah, point #2 is somewhat related to the journalism principle of the inverted pyramid, where the meat of the story comes first, and all the unnecessary details at the end. Great stuff here. Thanks for sharing!


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