5 Best Free Photo Editing Apps

Photo editing apps

I am going to share with you some photo editing apps that I love to use to edit my photos and bring them to life. They are are all free to download; with free versions that have tools to edit your photos. Although all these apps also have paid features, their free versions are worth the download.

5 Best Photo Editing Apps

#1 Template


Template recently came out. This app has many creative and clever templates that you can use for your instagram feed and stories. There are so many template themes to choose from; each theme comes with a set of templates.Most of the templates you have to pay for, however on the free version you are given some template themes for free.

My favorite feature about this app is the gallery templates because this allows you to create a big picture for your instagram feed. So if you want to create a big image on your feed, or a continuous image on an instagram carousel it enables you to do that.

#2 Afterlight

Afterlight has many advanced photo editing features. These include darkening, lightening, blurring tools and much more. This app is great for adding last minute touch ups to your photos; for example if the background of your photo looks dull you could brighten it with the lightening tool. Another example is if you want to make your picture more vibrant; there’s a tool that lets you add more saturation to the photo.

It also has filters and photo editing tools that you could use to help create filters of your own. There are filters that users have created that you could also choose from.

#3 Colorstory

Colorstory has photo editing tools and it also allows you to plan your instagram feed. It has many different filter collections to choose from; such as filters related to the different seasons. You can also add effects such as a sun flare to pictures which helps bring your pictures to life.

I think that one of the best features Colorstory has is being able to edit multiple pictures at the same time. You can select a bunch of pictures and duplicate the same edit onto all images. This is great if you’re trying to create a theme for your instagram feed.


MOLDIV is a really great photo editing app. It has multiple features such as photo editing tools, photo collage templates, magazine layout, and video editing. The photo editing tools include multiple filters, textures, and advanced tools. The free version gives you access to a few filters and collage templates.


VSCO is very popular and well known for it’s filters. It has amazing filters that help to create aesthetically pleasing looks. It has many photo editing tools that you can use, one of it’s popular tools is grain. It helps to create a vintage look on photos and you can adjust the intensity to fit your photos.

You can also create a profile on VSCO and join the community of people who share their edited pictures on the app. You can scroll through your VSCO feed to view photography works created by others for inspiration. Most of the editing done by others can be very creative.

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