5 Reasons Why I prefer Spotify as my music streaming service


Spotify is a great music streaming service because the app reviews your taste in music, and then transforms the app to your liking. It recognizes your interests and recommends and creates new playlists and sounds you’ll love. It’s an app that allows you to listen to your own music whilst discovering new music.

5 Reasons Why I Love Spotify

#1 Student Discount

As a college student you try to find as much discounts on everything to save money. After I tried the free trial for Spotify premium and discovered it was worth it, I went looking for monthly discounts. Spotify has a student plan for $4.99 month, which includes free features such as Hulu. It helped me because it is affordable and worth it.

Using Spotify as a student is great because whenever I’m studying or writing blog posts, I listen to music to help me focus. So anywhere I am, Spotify Premium helps me listen to my playlists without needing to download every song.

#2 You Can Listen To Specific Genres on Your playlist

I am the type of person that likes to listen to all types of music that I think sounds good. My playlists is a mixture of different artists and genres. You’ll find genres such as grime, afrobeats, rock, all the way down to gospel music. Spotify has a feature where you can listen to specific genres within your playlist.

I love this feature because it saves me time from creating separate playlists for my different genres. This allows me to listen to specific music when I’m in a certain mood or environment.

#3 Podcasts

The app not only has music that you can listen to, but it also has many podcasts. It has a variety of podcasts from many genres such as tv shows, movies or your favourite celebrity podcast. Once you find a podcast that you love, it uses a feature to recommend other podcasts related to your preference.

#4 Creates Playlists According To Your Liked Songs

This feature is really great because Spotify identifies the type of music you listen to; and it then finds new playlists and creates playlists based on what you like. Through these playlists I’ve found new songs and artists that I love. It’s amazing because these artists have similar music tastes, allowing me to discover new songs.

#5 Discover New Songs Top In The Charts

It helps you find songs trending currently in the charts, saving you time from searching for them on YouTube or online. It encourages me to listen to new songs that are not what I would listen to. This has contributed in me finding new artists that I now love.

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