6 Captivating Tv Series You Won’t Regret Watching

Tv series you won’t regret

A few intriguing tv series you must watch. I’ve added a variety of tv genres because this way you can find a new genre you’ll love. At the same time you might find a new show under your favorite genre. You won’t regret it!

6 Tv Series You Want Regret Watching

#1 Panic

This is a new young adult drama show on Amazon Prime Video, It is very riveting and absorbing. The story is based on a gamed called ‘Panic’ based on fears which involves thrills, freak-outs and more. There is a whole lot of crisis and drama based around the game.

#2 Shadow and Bone

Shadow and Bone is a young adult fantasy Netflix series. It is placed in a dystopian world, were the people are fighting against nature. It involves combat and action; and focuses on the life of main characters. The more you watch it the more stimulating and entertaining it gets, along with some distinct witty humour.

#3 Awkward

Awkward is an hilarious teen sitcom. It’s quite quirky, centered around a teen girl who doesn’t seem to get anything in her life right, and finds herself always stuck in the middle of drama and chaos. This show is highly recommended if you’re looking for something feel-good and funny. You can find this show on Amazon Prime Video.

#4 Good Girls

Good girls is a comedy drama about a bunch of adult women who are in need of money, and decide to rob a store. This tv series follows their lives after they robbed a store; where they encounter many twists and turns that changes their lives forever. It is quite hilarious and nerve-wracking. This show will definitely have you on the edge of your seat.

#5 Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds is a crime drama show. It reveals the insights of FBI procedure, and its undoubtedly stimulating and gripping. Secondly It’s a great show to watch with friends and families because it is based on crime-solving; which comes with suspense, mysteries and thrills. However, although it may not fully accurately depict the lives of the FBI, it does make you learn more about the psychology behind the actions of people.

#6 Fate: The Winx Saga

Fate:The Winx Saga is fiction fantasy Netflix original. The location is mostly based at a boarding school, where people go to master their magical powers, packed with drama, action and drama. It observes a new girl’s journey in the otherworld, she is newly acquainted with her powers and battles new enemies and makes new friends along the way.

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