5 Popular Must-Have Instagram Apps For Creating Stunning Stories and Feed.

Instagram apps

If you’re a creator, brand or just someone who loves to share and be creative on Instagram; you’ll love these instagram apps that will enhance and transform your stories and feed into something beautiful.

5 Must-Have Instagram Apps For Creating Stunning Stories and Feed

#1 Unfold

Unfold is an app mostly for Instagram stories; it also has a few templates for your instagram feed. You wont regret downloading this app; it’s worth it! They have beautiful story template designs with different themes, with so many to choose from. If you have a brand whether that’s fashion, beauty etc. it is a great app to create your own fonts, stickers and colours.

#2 Planoly

Planoly is an amazing social marketing app, and it’s very simple to use. You can plan the look of your instagram feed before posting your content. It allows you to schedule and post your pictures to your instagram feed through the app. There’s a variety of marketing tools available on the app, for example analytics, trending hashtags, and managing multiple social profiles. It is an excellent app that helps you to be persistent, grow, and improve your instagram feed. Click Here To Download App

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#3 Lightroom: Photo Editor

Adobe Lightroom is a photo editing app. If you’re not using this app to edit your photos you’re missing out. This app is amazing because it transforms your photo. It makes your photos look very professional; the tools are very simple to use. The tools you need to use for image editing are free and easy. If you want to create a beautiful Instagram feed, it has many presets to choose from. There are many presets available to buy on Etsy at an affordable price.

#4 Canva

Canva is a graphic design and video app. It allows you to create posters, cards, and logos. This app is great for creators, brands etc. It helps you to create logos, Instagram story highlight covers, and much more. There are thousands of design templates to choose from that you can make your own unique to your brand. Not only that you can also create templates from scratch. The designs are great for promoting on instagram stories and feeds.

#5 Preview: Planner For Instagram

Preview is also an Instagram feed planner, plus it allows you to plan for Instagram stories, reels and IGTV. It is an amazing app for creators because on top of scheduling and planning; it enables you to be consistent on instagram.

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