8 Morning Routine Ideas To Help Put You In A Better Shape & Mood

Morning routine ideas

It’s great to have a consistent morning routine because it comes with so many benefits. It allows you to be more proactive and ready for the day. If you’re looking for morning routine ideas that will help put you in a better shape and mood, then keep on reading.

8 Morning Routine Ideas To Help Put You In A Better Shape & Mood

#1 Set an Alarm To Wake Up Early

Setting an alarm on your phone or buying an alarm clock is the best thing to do because it forces you out of bed. If you’re a stubborn person when it comes to waking up, and you have a habit of pressing the snooze button I recommend getting a physical alarm rather than using your phone.

When you wake up early it gives you more time in the day and a wider time interval in the morning, giving you more time to do more activities. The more consistent you are with waking up early in the morning, the easier it gets.

#2 Don’t Check Your Phone as Soon as You Wake Up

Most people have this habit of checking their phones as soon as they get up. This is a bad habit because you can get sucked up by your phone and it becomes a distraction; taking up most of your morning. Besides this, it can also decrease your mood.

A way to break this habit is by putting your phone on airplane mode before you go to bed, because you won’t see any notifications once you wake up in the morning. On top of that use a physical alarm clock instead of using your phone as an alarm, this way you won’t be tempted to use your phone.

#3 Listen to a Podcast

If you’re not listening to podcasts yet, you’re missing out. They can be motivating and encouraging; it’s a great way to improve your mood in the morning. I highly recommend listening to a podcast in the morning if you’re not a morning person. There are so many different genres you can explore depending on your mood. If you need a pick me up or want to laugh a bit there’s many genres to fit your frame of mind. Spotify is a wonderful place to find new podcasts.

#4 Eat Breakfast

Having breakfast can have so many benefits, and although breakfast means breaking fast from overnight fasting; it is important to eat in the morning. We sleep for an average of 8 hours; breakfast restocks your energy and nutrients in the body.

Another benefit of eating breakfast is that it helps you regulate and control your weight. When you don’t eat breakfast in the morning by the afternoon you’ll be more hungry, craving more than you need. Breakfast helps keep your eating routine balanced. Evidence supports people not eating breakfast to cardiovascular disease.

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#5 Do a Short Workout

If you’re not an active person or dislike working out, but would like to get your body into a better shape. You should do short workouts every morning ranging from five to twenty minutes. If you do this everyday it can boost your endurance and help your cardiovascular system.

When your persistent with doing short workout every morning you get more used to it, enabling you to increase your time gradually. If you’re unsure on what workouts to do, you can find quick and simple workouts you can do at home, free on YouTube.

#6 Take a Shower

Some people prefer to take showers in the night, however there are many benefits that come with morning showers. It rejuvenates your energy. If you sweat a lot after an overnight sleep or after a morning workout it makes you more refreshed and clean. Morning showers will prevent you from sweating even more during the day.

#7 Drink Water On An Empty Stomach

Drinking water when you wake up in the morning hydrates and boosts your immune system. It clears your stomach by getting rid of the waste in your stomach, making you more hungry and ready to eat.

#8 Take a Peaceful Walk Early In The Morning.

The best time to take walks is early in the morning because that’s when it’s most peaceful; most people are still asleep, and nature is waking up. It can help relieve stress and strengthen your mood. If you don’t like taking walks by yourself, I suggest listening to a podcast instead of music. Listening to a podcast will keep you occupied and distracted from anything around.

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