Bad Habits To Break That Will Benefit Your Mental Health

Bad habits to break

We have bad habits that we tend to ignore because they are part of our routine; however we don’t realize these habits can have a negative impact on our mental health. I’m going to share a few tips to help break bad habits to help benefit your mental health.

4 Bad Habits To Break That Will Benefit Your Mental Health

#1 Don’t Depend On Others To Do The Things You Enjoy

If you find that you have spare time on your hands; and want to do the things you enjoy but all your friends and family are busy or not interested. Do it yourself. Don’t depend on others to do what makes you happy, it could be shopping, taking a walk, getting a manicure/pedicure, going to the gym or just spending the day by yourself.

This will help strengthen your mental health because it’s a breath of fresh air. You’re taking time to care for yourself, this enables you to be more comfortable doing things independently.

#2 Get Up Out Of Your Bed In The Morning

If you stay in bed all day it makes you less driven and motivated. As comfy as our beds are, it’s important that we know when to get up. Even if you don’t have a productive day; get up and make breakfast whilst listening to a podcast. Simple things like that can make have such a positive impact on your mood.

It’s encouraging once you get up because it allows you to police yourself; just going into another room other than your can help you feel more energized.

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#3 Write Down What’s Bothering You Instead Of Trying
To Figure It All Out In Your Head

Sometimes it’s impossible to recollect the every thing that’s aggravating the mind. To clear your mind, you need to write down your worries and stress. This doesn’t magically make your problems go away, but it allows you to visually see what’s been meddling with your mind.

It could be a journal entry or a list. I recommend writing a list every time you have multiple concerns on your mind. An “anxiety” list can help take some of the pressure of anxiety and stress from your mind.

#4 Put Your Phone Away

We hear this all the time but spending less time on your phone can improve your mental health. Find other things to do during your idle time that doesn’t belong on your phone. An example could be using the tv instead of your phone to watch movies or tv shows, this decreases your chances of getting distracted by your phone. Put your phone on airplane mode and find other things to occupy your time, that you’ll enjoy doing.


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