What Motivated Me To Start Blogging?


I recently got a notification from WordPress that it’s my 2 year anniversary since I started this blog website; which I found crazy because this wasn’t my first blog website. It made me think about the first time I started blogging and why I even started in the first place.

What Motivated Me To Start Blogging?

When Did I Start Blogging?

I’ve always loved writing and reading because it’s very comforting. When I first started blogging I was very young, around fifteen or sixteen. During that time I didn’t really know what blogging was; I honestly just wanted somewhere where I could my share and write my ideas.

I closed my first website because I realized that the blog I had created wasn’t me anymore. I was growing, learning new things, and had a new outlook on life. I wanted a fresh start.

What Made Me Start This Blog?

Although 2020 was a tragic year I wouldn’t change anything that happened; because that was the year I decided to take blogging seriously. I had so many time on my hands during lockdown and blogging helped me get through it. That’s the year I found out blogging was my passion.

As a university student and there was a point before I started this blog website; where I realized I really didn’t know what I wanted to do in my life or what my passion was.

That was until I was asked the question“What is the one thing that you would do even if you are not paid for doing it?”. I realized blogging is something I’ve been doing for a while with no income and I love doing it regardless of money.

Where Do I See My Blog In the Future?

Although I’m new to the business side of blogging and I’m slowly learning how to make an income from it. My hopes for my blog website is to do it full time, because I absolutely love blogging. It enables me to share my creativity, make my own schedule, and I get to share the content that I want.

My one advice for bloggers is to keep going and to not compare your blog to others. I don’t dwell on past decisions I’ve made when it comes to blogging; whether that’s taking a long break, closing my old website etc.

Overall I have no regrets because those decisions got me to where I am now; I know my blog website will never stay the same because as I grow so does my blog.

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7 thoughts on “What Motivated Me To Start Blogging?

  1. It’s so cool that you’d blog even if you didn’t earn from it, and I think that’s the best place to come from when blogging or writing. Still, I’m wishing you all the best and that you do make a living out of it!


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