3 Ways To Overcome Bad News

Ways to overcome receiving bad news

In life there will be times where we receive bad news that can have a negative impact on our lives. It can be difficult to get back up after discouraging news; however I’ve learnt that as hard as it can be, we have to learn to get back up. I’m going to share with you some tips you should remember every time you feel miserable after receiving bad news.

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3 Ways To Overcome Receiving Bad News

#1 Self-Care

Bad news can sometimes have such a massive impact on us that we forget about taking care of ourselves. It’s normal after receiving disheartening news to react to it; but as hard as it is we have to learn to get back up. Cry, scream, be upset but once that’s over we have to slowly pick ourselves up. There’s people around you that will try and encourage and motivate you, but it all depends on you.

Take the little steps when it comes to taking care of yourself. Although It can be hard to remove negative thoughts out of your mind, self care can help ease the mind. Little things such as:
– Taking a relaxing bath
– Working out
– Listening to a podcast or an uplifting playlist
– Taking a nap
– Spending time off social media.
All these small things can gradually comfort and reduce stress; which can slowly improve and alleviate your mood.

#2 Remove Yourself From Negative Space

As I said earlier it is natural to react to bad news, it would be strange if we didn’t. So cry, scream, be sad but don’t allow yourself to stay in that state. You need to enable yourself to get out of that negative space. First you need to start with the small things; stop listening to that sad playlist or trying to figure out what to do next. Focus on the present, and the positive things in your life, even if their small.

Manifest the things you want in your life. Tell yourself you’ll be fine, appreciate where you are in life, and think of all the times you’ve prevailed in other gloomy situations. You have to remember when things didn’t go your way and you ended up in a better space, or learnt something that benefitted you in the end.

#3 Talk To Someone

Talking to someone may be hard for many people, but it’s important because it’s not healthy keeping so much negative thoughts to yourself. It can harm you in the long run and the way you react to the people around you. Talk to friends and family who will understand and encourage you.

If you’re not comfortable talking to those close to you, talk to a therapist. Some people find it hard to talk about how they feel with the people they love for many reasons such as childhood trauma, not always getting the response they hoped for, being viewed in a different or fragile state etc. They find it easier talking to someone who isn’t involved in their life and that’s okay. Lastly if you’re a religious person, pray.

Once you speak about the way you feel it’s a slow remedy to moving on from the situation, it allows you to accept it and progress with your life.

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