My Thoughts On Women Only Gyms

Women only gyms

Women only gyms has become a popular topic within discussions; many people have diverse thoughts on it. I’m going to share my opinion on the controversial topic and the reasons behind my views.

My Thoughts On Women Only Gyms

Women Can Wear What They Want

As women we are vey limited in what we can wear before we get stares, judgements etc (especially in gyms). Nowadays the Gym clothes designed for women are not only made for comfort whilst working out; but they’re also made to make women feel and look good. Unfortunately some gym clothes designs can be a distraction to men. Most of the time women will limit what they want to wear in the gym to feel content with their surroundings.

Women sweat just as much as men in the gym. Men are allowed in some to be shirtless, and understandably women can’t. However the gym clothing such as sports bras, shorts etc. that we are allowed to wear whilst working out; will sometimes attract men with prying eyes and make women feel uncomfortable in situations.

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A women only gym will allow women to wear what they want without being cautious or watchful of their surroundings. Although no one looks like a walking gym advert whilst working out, gym clothes adds a hint of motivation because it makes us look and feel good.

Supportive Women

As harsh as this sounds, most women prefer receiving compliments from other women over men in the gym. The reason behind this is; most of the time women compliment other women because they really want to encouragethem and there’s no exterior motive behind it. On the other hand if a man was to compliment a woman’s body appearance, they have to have the right approach or else she will feel uncomfortable and think he has the wrong intentions.

Overall I think women only gyms is a great idea because it gives women a choice.

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