Chlorophyll Liquid Drops Review. Is it Worth it?

Chlorophyll liquid drops

What is Chlorophyll?

Chlorophyll is a green pigment mostly found in plants, you can find this in vegetables such as spinach, parsley etc. However if you’re someone who doesn’t eat enough vegetables or hate their veggies; there are different ways to consume chlorophyll to reap it’s benefits.

Tiktok introduced me to chlorophyll liquid drops, it almost feels like a cheat method to get the benefits you will receive eating your vegetables. I decided to give it a try and see if I notice any differences or gain from its benefits.

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Benefits Of Chlorophyll

Before I tried the chlorophyll liquid drops, I did my research to make sure what I was taking was safe to drink. On my little venture I found that some doctors recommend it and also take it themselves.

The Benefits of Chlorophyll :

– It’s a natural deodorant; it helps neutralize odors
– Detox
– Weight Loss
– Skin Healing
– Blood Building

Is It Worth It?

I tried the Chlorophyll Liquid Drops – 100% All-Natural Concentrate  from Amazon. On the bottle it does say to take 15 drops one to two drops a day mixed with water.

Most of the time I would say I drank it two times a day. When I first tried it I disliked the smell because it does smell like the scent plants normally have. However once you drink it daily you get use to the smell; it does add a hint of change in the taste of the water but it’s not dramatic.

I would say I did reap from its benefits, it does help improve odor and a great detox. According to tiktok its helped people with acne, I didn’t see a dramatic change on my skin but I think it’s also because of other factors.

Overall I would say it is worth it, especially those who don’t eat vegetables often and want to gain from its benefits because you do get results. I don’t drink it everyday anymore but I try to drink it as often as I can.
(P.s. find a bottle you would mind turning green)

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