My Favourite Blogging Tools For Creating And Promoting My Blog Posts.

Blogging tools

I’m going to share with you a few of my favourite blogging tools that I love to use. Some of them help me grow and promote my blog and others help me create my blog posts.

My Favourite Blogging Tools

Power Thesaurus

This app has helped me write almost all of my blog posts and poems. Have you ever got stuck writing because you’re trying to find a better word or phrase? Then you need this app. The Power Thesaurus app is a thesaurus but quicker and more effective. It helps you find better alternative words or phrases to create a more effective blog post.

I always have this app open every time I’m writing a poem or blog post, it’s such a massive help. If you want an app that will help you find more active and impressive words I recommend this app. It saves you time from scrolling through google for more words or searching through a physical thesaurus.

Add Text

Add Text is a photo editing app. This app is where I get my stock photos from. When I started using this app, I realized the stock photos are the same as those found on canvas that is only available with Canva Pro.

You can find good-quality stock photos from this app for free. My primary use of this app is to get stock photos for my Instagram, Pinterest pins, and, my featured images for my blog posts.


Tailwind is an app that allows you to plan and schedule your Pinterest pins. It also has great tools that create Pinterest pins for you, it’s very quick and you get to choose what design you like. For example automatically importing photos from your website to add to your Pinterest designs.

As bloggers Pinterest plays a big part in our traffic, Tailwind helps you keep to schedule with your pins and keeps your Pinterest on track. As someone who just started using Pinterest and wants to stay committed to the platform, tailwind has guided me throughout my journey.


I’m sure most bloggers are familiar with this app. Canva has really helped me create designs for Pinterest, Instagram posts, and stories to help promote my blog posts. It is very easy to use and has many templates to use for many different platforms. I highly recommend it plan if you’re looking for an app to create designs for social media to help your blog.

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