Sea Salt Water On Face. Does It Benefit The Skin?

Sea salt water

In the past weeks I’ve seen sea salt water trending on TikTok. Evidently it’s suppose to help clear acne and heal the skin. Personally I’ve had instincts that sea salt water is good for the skin. Since I was young,if I had a cut whether it was on my leg, arm etc. Whenever we went to the beach after swimming in the sea my cuts would heal faster and it was thanks to the sea water.

Sea Salt Water On Face.Does It Benefit The Skin?

Benefits Of Sea Salt Water

After discovering many videos on TikTok about the benefits of sea salt water on the face, I had to do my own research before I tried it. It turns out it has many benefits on the skin.
Here’s a few:

  • – Gets rid of Acne
  • – Facial Toner
  • – Detoxes the skin
  • – Prevents skin infections
  • – Restores skin natural pH balance

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How I use Sea Salt water

All you need is; an empty spray bottle, sea salt, and water. It’s important that you use sea salt instead of regular salt because it doesn’t have the same benefits that sea salt holds.

Mix one or two tablespoons of sea salt depending on how big your spray bottle is. Once it’s it’s dissolved, transfer it to my spray bottle. I spray it on my face everyday 2 to 3 times a day; mostly after I’ve cleansed my face, during the day and night. /

Is it Worth It?

Yes. I would hundred percent recommend sea salt water to anyone struggling with acne. From the moment I started using it, I noticed that it gets rid of my acne quicker. During my menstrual cycle I have a week where my hormones are all over the place and my face always breaks out.

Ever since I started spraying sea water on my face, it would help get rid of my spots quicker. I don’t have to worry about when it will pop or dark marks. It’s a great combination to use with my skincare routine because most of the products I have are to get rid of my dark marks from pimples. Therefore once my spots have vanished my skincare products help prevent any dark marks.

If you haven’t tried sea salt water I recommend.
Leave a comment if you have or plan to 🤍

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