Spotify Podcasts I’ve Loved Listening To Lately

Spotify Podcasts

In the past few months I’ve really been into listening to podcasts; I find them refreshing and absorbing. I’m going to share with you a few of the Spotify podcasts I’ve loved listening to lately.

My Current Favourite Spotify Podcasts

The Secret’s Out

The Secret’s Out is a podcast hosted by Alfie Deyes, he is a well known YouTuber. He brings celebrities and well known guests onto his podcast, and his fans/strangers send in their secrets anonymously . Every episode he sits down with new guests and he shares the anonymous secrets and they discuss it.

I find this podcast hilarious and very interesting. Some of the secrets are very shocking and mind-boggling. I highly recommend listening to this podcast; it will have you laughing out loud.

Love Island: The Morning After

If you’re a love island fan that’s invested in the show as much as I am, you should definitely listen to this podcast. Every morning after a Love Island episode I listen to the morning after podcast. It is hosted by Kem Cetinay (a previous love island winner) and Arielle Free.

I love it because sometimes I have so much opinions after an episode; and my sister doesn’t watch it so I have no one to share my opinions with. It’s nice to hear the opinions, disagreements, and different perspectives from other people.

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The Fellas Podcasts

The Fellas Podcasts is a podcasts run by another set of YouTubers Calfreezy and Chip; they very well known in the Uk. I’ve been a big fan of the Sidemen since I was young, that’s how I was introduced to both Calfreezy and Chip.

I feel as though the podcast is mostly listened to by men, which is understandable because their YouTube channels are majorly male viewers. However this podcast is equally enjoyable for women because you get to listen to the perspectives of males.

They also sometimes bring on well known female guests such as Katie Price. If you’ve been fans of them beforehand you will definitely find it easier to understand their humor and banter; but overall it is entertaining.


Cocktails and takeaways is a podcast I discovered on Tiktok; I love it because it is hosted by a young black woman; Madame Joyce. She is has an African background and she is based in the UK. As someone who grew up in England as a black female and has an African background, her podcast is so relatable.

I find myself nodding my head to many of the topics she discusses. She doesn’t fail to give a debatable opinion on things such as relationships, juicy celeb gossip etc. This podcast is honestly enjoyable to listen to, and it’s very engaging.

Don’t Trip

Don’t Trip is another podcast I recently discovered on TikTok, it is hosted by two young men who discuss women, college etc. As a young woman who is currently still at college I love to hear the opinions of guys my age that discuss things such as dating in college, relationships, situationships.

Many of those things happen at college and also in general amongst young people. If you’re a female that would like to dissect the way men think, and why they do certain things at this age, this podcast is perfect for you.

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