Dear Younger Self: A letter to My Younger Self

A letter to my younger self

Dear Younger Self:

Change isn’t such a bad thing

Change can be scary and it may not be what you expect it to look like at first. Embrace change and you will be more happy about experiencing the things around you.

You need change to grow and learn, it will transform you to a better person. Don’t dwell on what could have been and welcome the new things in your life. If you don’t embrace change you will feel stuck.

Embrace The Present

Don’t worry about the future or dwell in past situations; embrace life which is the present. Live life and appreciate what it has to offer in the moment because you can’t get it back.

Don’t let a day go by without taking advantage of it. Make peace with your past and look forward to the future.

Stop Trying To Grow Up Too Fast

Be a child. You will never get your childhood back, all you’ll have is memories when you’re older so make the most of it. Stop trying to grow up too quickly, trust me adulting is hard. School may seem stressful and you may not like it but you will miss it all and cherish so many moments.

These are the times were you enjoy life without so much on your mind. The things you stress about now are minor compared to what you’re hit with in adult life. Take advantage of every day as a child and teen.

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The Things You Want For Your Future Will Change

You will become a stronger, more independent woman. Stop depending on everyone around you and plan things that suit you and worry less about what everyone else is doing. You can’t please everyone. The things you want in your future now will definitely change; and that’s because you start to find yourself and your worth.

Know your worth

Know when to walk away from a situation that may anger or make you feel uncomfortable. Most of the time silence is key. Don’t react or respond to something/someone that won’t add value to your life. Kill all negativity with kindness. It shocks people.


All you need is self-love, you don’t need validation from others to feel beautiful or loved. Once you love yourself it’s a beautiful thing. You know yourself better than anyone else, so never let anyone dictate your person and who you are.

Purple won’t be your favourite colour forever

Purple won’t be your favourite colour forever, even after you said so. At one point pink becomes your favourite colour no matter how much you denied hating the colour pink.

As you’re finding yourself, your favourite colour changes. You will never stick to just one favourite colour.

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