How To Make Friends in College/University

How to make friends in college/university

Starting college/university can be quite nerve racking and intimidating. You may be a freshman or a transfer student that’s worried about making new friends and meeting new people, which is normal. I’m going to share some tips on how to make friends in college/university to help calm your nerves.

How To Make Friends in College/University

Attend School Social Events

Attending things like socials and athletic events is one of the best ways to meet new people. Things like socials are aimed at mostly new students; most of the time universities will plan these to get people meet new people and socialize. If you’re someone who feels uncomfortable going by yourself, social events make it so that everyone is involved.

Majority of the time they have games and activities that involves everyone. Don’t be afraid to start a conversation with a few people, because it is likely they also want to meet new people. If a social is not up to your taste there will be many different ones throughout the year that you can attend.

My advice is to not restrict yourself because it may not be up to your taste. You never know unless you try, if it’s not something you don’t like, there’s no obligation to stay. However don’t let one bad event put you off future events.

Introduce Yourself To Classmates

When you start attending class, introduce yourself to the first person you sit next to in every class you attend. Even if you might not sit next to them again, you just made an acquaintance. For the whole semester you are going to be seeing the same faces in your classes.

It’s better to get to know the people in your class. Most of the time they are the ones that you become more closest to because you will see them often. As freshman you are all required to take similar classes, so this allows you to meet some of your fellow classmate.

As a transfer student you are probably taking classes with people who are studying in the same field as you. It’s beneficial to get to know the people in your classes, because you will see the same faces until you graduate.

Join an organization

If you have extracurricular activity that you love doing and you spend most of your free time doing it. Join an organization that favors your interests. For example the organization could be academic, recreational/sport, multicultural, religious etc.

There are so many different organizations in college/university you can join. You will meet people with a similar interest and spend your time doing something you love doing with others.

College/ university can be tough especially if you attend one that is away from home. Once you make friends, it makes the experience better. Friends in college become your support system, but also the people you hang out with and spend the greatest amount of time with. They will also likely become your friends for life.

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