5 Back To School Must-haves (Backpack Edition)

Back to school must-haves

School is back in session. I’m going to share with you a few back to school must-haves, I always have in my school bag that are very beneficial and efficient for my school day.

5 Back To School Must-haves

#1 Insulated Water Bottle

Having a water bottle is a must, but having an insulated water bottle is better. If You’re someone who finds cold water refreshing and wants to keep your water cold throughout the day, then you need an insulated water bottle.

School can be tiring and drinking cold water throughout the day will help you feel recharged. Another benefit from having a water bottle is, you don’t have to take multiple trips to unsanitary water fountains.

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#2 Pencil Case

Many people choose not to carry a pencil case, and then wonder why they’re always losing their school supplies. Carrying a pencil case is very beneficial, because you don’t have to worry about frantically searching for a pen or pencil at the bottom of your bag or pockets. It also allows you to keep multiple school items at once, just in case you lose a pen.(which we’re all guilty of).

#3 Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is very important especially during a pandemic. Sometimes when we use the bathrooms at school the soap may run out. It’s nice to have an alternative, to help stay hygienic until you can properly wash your hands.

It’s also convenient to carry some hand sanitizer just in case you can’t make it to sink to wash your hands for whatever reason. It’s something that will make you feel refreshed throughout a long day.

#4 Earphones

I make sure to always have my earphones on me everyday at university. I might have one or two free periods; and sometimes I will use that time to catch up with classes or just chill somewhere by myself.

I would listen to music or a podcast using my earphones because it would help keep me focused and less distracted with what’s going on around me.

#5 Phone Charger

In university especially, there’s charging portables almost everywhere you decide to hang out. We use our phones throughout the day, and sometimes in class if we want to access the material.

I don’t carry my main phone charger because I don’t want it to break, from being cluttered in my bag. I would normally buy a three pack iPhone charger from Amazon, that also has length because it can be very convenient.

What must you have in Your school bag? Leave a comment

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