Book of the Month Subscription Box Review

Book of the month

If you love to read or want a new hobby for the new year, you’ve come to the right place! I recently subscribed to Book of the month; You receive carefully picked out fiction books every month for $14.99 .

Book Of the Month Subscription Box Review

I discovered @bookofthemonth on social media; and it had been a while since I sat down and read. My aim during the Christmas break was to get back into the groove of reading again; and this allowed me to.

It’s quite simple you register to become a member and pick a book you want for that month and the ship it straight to your door.

If you’re someone who loves reading but struggles to find new books to read, you get to choose from 5 monthly picks, books loved by members, different genres, previous monthly picks etc.

They have so much to choose from. In some cases you may have not finished your previous reading ,or can’t afford to pay that month whatever the reason; they allow you to skip month.

What’s In The Box?

– Book

– Bookmark

– Book of the Month leaflet

– Stickers

– Two Info cards

As a new member you get discounts, check them out now if interested,
Click here to try Book of the Month

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