Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Self Examination: Why, When & How?

“Early Detection, Saves Lives”


Breast cancer is the most known cancer to be diagnosed in women. As women it is important that we self examine our breasts regularly, because our bodies are changing all the time and that includes our breasts.

By checking your breasts regularly you become more familiar with them; and so when you routinely check your breasts it will be easier to notice any changes or symptoms related to breast cancer.

Once you detect the symptoms you get the advantage of finding breast cancer early and treating it.
(read below on how to know the symptoms related to breast cancer)


We should check our breasts at least once a month, the best time to self examine your breasts should be a few days after your period because during our menstrual cycle some women experience PMS symptoms.

I personally experience this when I’m on my period, I get symptoms like tender breasts a week before my period and during my period.

The symptoms most women experience during their period related to breasts; are tender breasts, breast pain, breast sensitivity and breast enlargement. This is why the best time to self examine your breast is after having your period.


  • Raise your arms in the air whilst looking in the mirror to see if your breasts move evenly.
  • Look in the mirror for appearance such as inverted nipple, dimpling, texture change, redness.
  • Squeeze nipple to check if there’s any discharge.
  • Using your fingers feel around your breasts, circling around checking for any lumps around breasts and armpits using fingertips.
  • Do this using your right hand for your left breast & Left hand for Right breast.Repeat these steps raising one arm at a time; and also lying down

National Breast Cancer Foundation

Click above to learn more about breast cancer and how you can get involved. You can also support the foundation by donating, they also provide free ebooks.

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