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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Self Examination: Why, When & How? “Early Detection, Saves Lives” Why? Breast cancer is the most known cancer to be diagnosed in women. As women it is important that we self examine our breasts regularly, because our bodies are changing all the time and that includes our breasts. By checking your breasts regularly […]

Perfectly Incomplete

Perfectly Incomplete

I look at meAnd I couldn’t imagine myselfAs anyone else. I admire beauty,I’m attracted to beauty.But one thing I could Never be,Is anyone else. I May not be perfect, But my features werePerfectly placed. We look up at our faces,But do we ever look down…At our fingertips,Or the birthmark that’s weirdlyshaped but creates a natural […]

Do You Mind?

The mind A scary place Feared by many. Do you fear your thoughts? We clean, care and treat our bodies.When was the last time you took care of your mind? Positive thoughts transform the mind, They turn imagination to a reality. The dust gets cleared out,Then comes a lightWho kicks out the darkness, Cleansing our […]