My Favourite Fall Candles

A selection of fall candles that reminisce the scents of this occupied and frightful season. All with their own unique and favorable scents.

Smoked Pumpkin XL

Bought from Marshalls at a cheaper price, originally from DW Home

Original Price $35

Marshalls: $24.99

Falling Leaves by Sensational

Natural Coconut Wax Blend; Mini candle

Bought from Marshalls originally from Sensational Soaps & INC.

Original Price : $5

Marshalls: $3.99

Glade Candle Hawaiian Breeze & Vanilla Passion Fruit

2 Mini Candle Set

Bought at Target; originally by Glade


Glade Candle Cashmere Woods 

Bought at Target; originally by Glade


2-Wick Candle Snuggly Sweater

Bought at Target; Originally by Chesapeake Bay Candle


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