The glass is half full

Why do you compare yourself to me?
Yes we are made the same way,
But we are both different.
I am a long stem wine glass,
She has a short stem,
He’s thinner,
She’s wider,
And yes you have no stem at all.
But we all have our purpose.

You can’t compare your journey
To me, him, or her.
A daisy might wish to be as tall as a sunflower,
But forgets that it brings joy
And beauty regardless.
Roses complain about their thorns,
But forgets that the thorns are
Thankful to have them.

Would you compare the moon to the sun,
Even though the moon shines at night
And the sun at daylight?
Think about the things you can do,
And worry less about what others do
Because we are all different.

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