The Museum featuring “Winter Nights” by the Moon

All those endless summer nights
I had hoped to see the stars,
But the leaves on the trees
Told me it was impossible to see night sky
Let alone the stars.

Now that they have fallen…

I never thought I would be in the winter nights,
Seeing the sky let alone the moon!
As she comes out,
The clouds near her they circle her,
Never touching her.
She stops as they all gather
Around her in awe,
Thanking her for bringing such light
To such a dark night.

I stand far but not too distant,
I can still see the moon glowing
As she is worshipped
For the beauty she brings.

Suddenly in the corner of my eye
I notice the night sky
And how intriguing it looks,
Hypnotized… I take myself further towards it
Taking steps closer to the glass
To get a better view.

But I am startled by the trees,
Who stand guard protecting
A night sky so beautiful with
One of the rarest shades of blue.

It is now 1:24 am;
I look up to see that
The moon is now leaving,
As she gets farther away,
Her shine becomes more of a
Shade of amber.

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